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Specialized Outdoor Activity

In addition to our regularly scheduled play your pet will receive an additional outdoor experience, either one on one playtime or lead walk.


Gourmet Snack

Your choice of one gourmet snack or treat for the day including kong-filled treats, frosty paws, or peanut filled femurs. Ask our staff about other snacks available.


Medication Administration

We'll properly administer up to 5 medications daily (with the exception of insulin).


Pampered Brush

Leave that shedding hair with us and keep your pet looking their best.


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Early/Late Pick-Up

Pre-arranged early dropoff and late pick-up with prior notification.

$10.00 per hour

Emergency Trip To Vet

Our staff (with your or your emergency contact's permission) will take your pet to our local vet, or your vet (if within five miles).


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Professional Services

Pampered Bath

Shampoo, towel and or blow dry and/ear cleaning. (See staff for pricing which is determined by size and temperament of pet).

$25.00-$50.00 (see staff for your pet)

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Emergency Veterinary Care

We are fortunate to be within a few minutes of one of the premier veterinary service centers in our area. Calvert Veterinary Center is staffed with six doctors and over fifteen staff to deliver reliable care for your pet in any emergency situation. For more information please visit their website at

Emergency Visit

For any emergency to our local vets at the Calvert Veterinary Center.

see staff

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